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      Life in shades was founded in 2019 by Panayiota Patrianakos, a Greek/American personal trainer. Initially, it was an honest place to share healthy & useful advice with clients, to communicate informative workout ideas, but has grown to travel advice, and the ability to book online advisor sessions.

     The photography is often shot around the world, as active travel forms a significant part of Miss Penny's healthy lifestyle, with a consistent focus on editorial-quality posts. 

       The site remains a platform upon which Miss Penny continues to share the knowledge and experience she’s gained as a personal trainer with people all over the world who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about striving for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

       “I’ve always wanted Life In Shades to be an unbiased, honest, organic, free-range view on ‘fitness, nutrition, travel, and advice’, in a single, friendly and accessible place. I still think it’s unique for that!”

        In case you’re wondering about the name,  Life In Shades came from, I wanted to show different "shades" of life; from health advice to traveling the world. This blog is our life in shades. 


Derrick and Penny met in early 2018, and right off the back were inseparable. Their personalities meshed, filling one another with what they were missing in life. 

They both share the like for the fitness lifestyle, and to travel and see the world.  They visited 8 countries in 2019, and that only the beginning of their adventures. 

During their trip to Paris in 2019, Derrick proposed to Penny on the top of the Effiel Tower. Of course, she said "YES!" 

Here on the blog, you will learn more about them and their adventures. 



Miss Penny// I am a Greek-American, who grew up in Arlington, Virginia. I love the city and being able to walk everywhere. Growing with a foreign father, had me locked to the area, so the desire to travel definitely came from not traveling a lot as a child. Not to say it was a bad thing but my curiosity was large. I would make books of places I wanted to see when I was older. 

Fitness// I began my workout lifestyle in 2012, and sooner after that BodyByPenny was born. I love helping people and I use BodyByPenny to help those in the gym achieve their fitness goals. I took years to gain the knowledge I have and to achieve the body I wanted.  

Family// I am extremely family-oriented and very close with my siblings and my parents. They are my world!


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